Welcome to La Araucanía

Welcome to
La Araucanía

Welcome to La Araucanía

La Araucanía region is in the southern area of Chile, and it is one of the 16 regions into which the country is divided. Temuco is the capital of the region.

It is divided into two administrative provinces, Cautín and Malleco, and 32 districts.

The main economic activity is farming and forestry, given its climate and soil conditions.

Foreign investment currently comes from the United States, Japan, and Argentina, among others, in different sectors such as agricultural industry, energy and technology.

La Araucanía International Airport is located at Freire district, 20 km south of Temuco.

The main regional terrestrial logistics infrastructure is the Ruta 5 Sur, which connects to Chile’s Pan American Highway, allowing communication from the border with Perú until Quellón city. The main cargo border is Pino Hachado, which allows imports and exports to connect with the ports of Lirquén, Coronel and San Vicente.

The regional railway infrastructure has a cargo network through which over 10 million tons are annually transported, thus constituting a logistical alternative for the challenges of the mining, forestry, industrial, agricultural and containers industries.

The regional energy supply is guaranteed thanks to the local production with wind, thermal and hydraulic sources. The region is connected to the National Electric System [Sistema Eléctrico Nacional (SEN)], a network complying with the 360 V three-phase requirements which guarantees energy for industrial production purposes.

It has an Industrial and Technological estate managed by the Corporación para el Desarrollo Productivo de La Araucanía (Corparaucanía), 23 km from Temuco, with an area of 430 hectares. The purpose of it is to create a center to unify companies and entities, improving competitiveness, productive development, and the incorporation of new technologies.

In the beginning of 2019, the Regional Government created the first Regional Unit for Direct Foreign Investment Promotion and Attraction, InvestAraucanía.

The region at a glance

  • Area of 31,842.3 km2, equivalent to 4.2% of the country’s area.
  • Its northern border is with Biobío region, to the south with Los Ríos region, to the east with Argentina and to the west with the Pacific Ocean.
  • Its population amounts to 869,535 inhabitants, equivalent to 5.8% of the domestic population, with a density of 27.3 inhabitants/km2.
  • Native forests, volcanoes, rivers, and lakes are a part of this zone’s landscape.
  • Climate and soil conditions favoring a copious vegetation, with unique species in the world such as the araucaria.
  • Roads covering 1,827,719 km., which represent 7% of the country’s total.
  • Languages: Spanish and mapudungun.
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